Build and run infocom text adventures with ZILF and FROTZ
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  1. mkdir zil
  2. cd zil
  3. wget
  4. unzip
  5. cd zilf-0.8/bin
  6. git clone a game
  7. cd game
  8. for i in *.*; do mv -f $i $(echo $i | nawk -F. '{print toupper($1)"."$2}'); done
  9. ls COMPILED/ to identify the filename used for build, let's say "AAA.z4"
  10. mono ../zilf.exe AAA.zil
  11. if no error
  12. mono ../zapf.exe AAA.zap
  13. the last line tells the built filename, like AAA.z3
  14. see workaround if it doesn't fit in foobar version
  15. run it with frotz:
  16. /usr/games/frotz AAA.z3
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  1. Various notes:
  2. Files needs to be named UPPER.lowerext
  3. zapf -v X doesn't seems to have effect on version
  4. UGLY workaround : edit AAA.zap, and bump the first line (.NEW) until it pass zapf build
  5. Some files does only have a .zip version and no .zil and that seems to break build.
  6. Same for some missing files like BASEDEFS or TERMINAL, etc.
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